Vice - Chancellor's Message

           The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu established an University exclusively for Music and Fine Arts so as to preserve, foster, popularise, promote the traditional system of Indian Music, Performing Arts and Fine Arts practised in Tamil Nadu, viz., The Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University.

           Twentieth Century has produced many great stalwarts in different art forms in Tamil Nadu. Our Hon’ble Chief Minister, Puratchithalavi Amma, Dr. J. Jayalalitha is one among them. Her contribution to music and dance besides acting, is immense. Herself being an artist of eminence and a connoisseur of arts, she has fulfilled the long-felt desire of the people of Tamil Nadu, particularly the performing artists, by establishing the Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University and I am very proud and privileged to be its first Vice-Chancellor.



            I am sure this University would take the Performing Arts including music and dance further into the academic perspective. The nuances in performances pave way for deeper study, ably supported by the great scholars of Tamil Nadu and outside.

            This University offers through its departments, Postgraduate courses in Vocal, Veena, Violin and other subjects as you may find in this website, and Certificate, Diploma, Graduate and Postgraduate courses through its affiliated colleges / recognized institutions.

            Besides, the scope for research at the Postgraduate level like Master of Philosophy and at the doctoral level including Doctor of Philosophy, is big and would soon be initiated.

            I am sure, with the availability of experts including eminent Faculty and administration, a student friendly atmosphere would make study in this University, a memorable experience.

           I extend a warm welcome to the Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University.


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